Matrix structure is not only for large or complex organizations…

As a startup SME with more than a decade of experience in Open Source and new technologies, Propiti has always been instinctively agile and highly adaptive in all areas, be it Technology, Management Processes or introduction of new technical platforms.

We have grown through constant adaptation, whether that be in the investigation and adoption of new technologies or the growth and change of internal Management Processes. Over the past decade of working here, I have seen this organization growing and evolving into a Matrix structure with time.

Founded over a decade ago, we started with Functional Structure, well known for small or new businesses. This arrangement had the different teams with required skill sets: HR Team, Development Team, Web Team, QA Team, Support Team and Operations Team – that were grouped, managed and operated independently.

With time, Propiti adapted new frameworks and technologies that improved the existing processes, moving to the current Matrix arrangement.
With each and every year’s milestones being achieved, we have always been driven forward by regular and continual improvements in services. Year on year, we adapted new frameworks to increase efficiency and drive the quality of the services upwards over time. Motivated by a focus on repeated success with larger and more expensive ventures combined with a desire to retain agility, implemented a Matrix structure for ongoing and future projects in hand.

Now in its 14th year, it is successfully operational in “The Matrix Structure” with more than 8 teams working under one roof in various business developments under their respective projects, handled and managed by PMO in parallel with these departments’ managers.

Our company has been learning through its experiences and tuning while progressing with this arrangement. I have seen the employees working together as a team and highly motivated towards the company goals. Their views are also considered during decision making that leads to employee satisfaction and improved performance. We, as a team, have got the opportunities to have better skills and expertise, and cross-skilling is becoming a key part of our individual career development.

With a company culture of collaboration and passionate engagement in delivering projects, Propiti has proven that the matrix structure is suitable for any organization as it has clear benefits for both our client services and for ourselves as a company and as individuals.

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