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Technology Blueprint has its first online portal delivered in 1999, following which they PropCo V2, an enterprise application was built using Java Standard and Enterprise edition technology suite. This is a cloud-based Lettings Management and Client Accounting System. With over 20 years of experience, they have always been working hard to be on the latest trends of technology and have been leading the market while serving the UK’s largest Property Services group. Technology Blueprint Ltd. came up with an idea to evolve the software to cater to the changing market needs and to be in line with new legislation/laws coming into force in the UK. With the new legislation coming in the market, the PropCo strategy team planned to integrate different services into the system to make it easy, comprehensive and manageable for their clients from one window.

The Solution

Technology Blueprint Ltd. contracted all the major and minor integrations from its strategic plan to Propiti who further managed to deliver it in a timely manner. Since it is a large and ongoing project, we expanded our in-house team and a team of Project Managers and Business Analysts and started to work alongside the specifications and designed project plan. Our team is building features and enhancing the product to meet the market demands, while also assisting new clients to migrate onto their system – PropCo V2. Further integrations included Alfresco for content management that also helps in taking full advantage of AI. Reporting Suite and Data dashboards are the best part for managers to look at the system. The further major integrations included the use of RESTful API that allows ample flexibility to the software data and workflows that makes added the feature of automation to the process giving more efficiency to the clients and reduces effort and time. With the third party integrations like DocuSign, Deposit Protection System, PropCo is now one of the best 15 Property Management Softwares in the UK.

The Result

After the integrations, this system is now handling the database of 40+ clients, 900+ offices use their lettings software with 250,000+ properties database, 5000+ users database, ensuring the efficient system for their clientele. With all the experience, our team has now moved to the agile model of development, leading to more quick and effective deliveries of the project.

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