Back stage story of every tester

“Discovering the unexpected is more important than confirming the known.”

The Quality Analysis (QA) team in every company ensures the proper functioning and efficiency of the developed software, application, or service before delivering it to the client.

Satisfying the belief of the client is our main job.

By working in a collaborative, to – fro process, we, at Propiti, ensure that we keep our promise.

How does this work behind the scenes? Let me share some experiences of the back stage efforts of QA Team.

We work with an Agile methodology, so firstly QA grasp all the information from the software requirements specification. Discussions among the team members is the most fun part in the beginning which is followed by a list of questions/queries shared across the board and all the other members of the project.

Once the queries are sorted, the delivery time of the application is estimated which includes development estimates, development plan and the QA test plan, including a view on whether and where automated testing should be applied to support the QA team.

Once development has begun, the QA team tests the software/application at each stage of development. Additional test cases are added to take into account shifting customer requirements or the outcomes of development decisions, considering more scenarios to make the application perfect.

The Verification phase is where the sparks start to fly! The start of Verification is usually quickly followed with the cat fights between developers and testers. Sometimes it goes smooth but sometimes it seems like a World War.

All testers know the words to start a fire: from a tester to a developer – “I don’t care if it works on your machine! We are not shipping your machine!”, but the valuable bonding between these different teams at Propiti and the shared interest in delivering the best is commendable.

Times passes, iteration follows where issues get reopened, resolved and then comes the last stage i.e. delivery time.  Yes, we are always confident but fingers crossed.


What if the client changes his mind or the requirement or if the application broke in their beautiful hands.

We do not loose hope as we work really hard.. Rightly said – “The principle objective of software testing is to give confidence in the software.”

And then – Yayy, it is out with everything we designed and tested. The moment we hear “The application is live”, is the time to say “Lets party hard” !!

I believe this is a back stage story of every tester!!

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