PropTech Innovators for the modern world

Innovation Specialists

Working with code to engineer new solutions and rebuild proven services here at Propiti we have been the team behind some of the most powerful PropTech products to hit international markets

Leading the Way

We pride ourselves with our Tech choices, picking winning opensource packages early in their life-cycle has enabled us to develop deep expertise in core technologies that are the backbone of powerful online experiences

Planning the Future

PropTech has become part of the global road map for digital transformation, and we have been working with our clients to lay the groundwork for the digitally connected built environment of the 21st Century, and beyond

Service Focussed

We have spent over a decade refining our operating model to be able to deliver effective change in large scale projects in short timeframes

Multiple Timezones

Our teams operate in overlapping shifts, delivering technology, project management, and support services for over 18 hours in any 24h period

Open Source to Our Core

We have deep expertise in building and administrating systems from the metal up: monitoring and managing datacentre resources to squeeze every volt of power into our managed applications

Our teams work primarily for International clients developing, maintaining, and innovating property technology services.

Our expertise runs deep in the property domain, so we understand the challenges faced by stakeholders inside and out.

Our passion for Open Source technologies and solutions have placed our projects at the forefront of innovation and change in a vibrant global ecosystem, at a price point that many in the global marketplace find impossible to compete with.

We are India’s foremost PropTech specialists.

Founded by visionary Anglo-Indian Property Technologist Vik Tara with Property Technology at our heart, we have spent more than a decade building our teams and expertise in property management, rentals, and property accounting software.

Open Source PropTech for all

We have developed roots that run deep in both opensource engineering and in domain expertise in the property sector. Our teams are used to tackling engineering problems at scale that relate to rental payments, property transactions, maintenance management, reporting, dashboarding, and communications.

We have a passion for bringing technology into everybody’s lives, and allowing people to access their own information, and manage their property transactions, on the move, around the world.

Read our Case Studies

Dig beneath the surface to see what we are about, and what we have delivered for our international clients from our development and services center in India.

PropCo Enterprise

A cloud based Lettings Management and Client Accounting System

PropCo Enterprise

DIY app which is fully featured and still a private Property Management App

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